Horizane “Blue light blocking” glasses: glasses to block Blue light and protect your eyes!

Horizane Blue light blocking glasses protect you from all kinds of screens as they block Blue light and reduce reflection from flat screens. They are glasses to help your eyes have some rest which is essential for those who want to save their “vision capital”. Horizane « Blue light blocking”glasses are available in pharmacies without prescription.

Itchy eyes, visual tiredness, difficulty to sleep… What if these symptoms were underlining your overexposure to digital device?

Screens are part of our daily life, either at home or at work.

We spend around 50 hours a week in front of a screen: smartphone, ipad, computer, tv, video games,… And the trend is constantly growing!

This repeated and long-lasting exposure has numerous consequences on your eye’s health: LED screens transmit very strong light waves called “Blue light” or “HVE” (high visible energy). These waves are harmful for our eyes in the long run and our eye health can be badly affected.

In order to answer the growing need of eye protection from the screens, Horizane has developed a range of « Blue light blocking” glasses. These « Blue light blocking” glasses are equipped with a special filter blocking up to 50% of the Blue light. This filter is the result of the most advanced research.

“Gamer glasses” to play (or gaming glasses), “computer glasses” (or glasses for screens), “daily glasses” (for watching screens), Horizane Blue light blocking glasses give your eyes all the protection they need against screens.

It is the must-have solution to be connected while taking care of your eyes.

Horizane Blue light blocking glasses: glasses with a blue light filter (BBS).

Horizane Blue light blocking glasses have lenses equipped with a high technology blue light blocking filter. This high technicity component is called « Blue Ray Blocking System » or “BBS” acronym.

The BBS offers the blue light blocking lenses the following advantages:

        It filters up to 50% of the Blue light.
        It protects against 100% of UV.
        It improves contrasts.
        It helps preserving your visual capital.

In order to increase its efficiency, Horizane BBS filter is made of a double filter:

   The front filter (5 layers), blocking 100% of UV and Blue light.
   The back filter (7 layers), improving brightness.

Wearing Horizane blue light blocking glasses protect from the Blue light (Blue rays) and substantially reduces visual tiredness caused by LED screens.

“The more light we get, the less light we need.”

Charles Joseph De Ligne – Mes écarts posthumes

“Find Horizane Blue light blocking glasses in the nearest pharmacy”

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