Protect your ears from loud noises according to your lifestyle!

Horizane offers a wide range of 8 Plic Audio earplugs with selective filters to protect your ears from loud noises, at an affordable price, in pharmacies.
Your ears start to be damaged by loud noises at 90 dB. Damages are often irreversible and sometimes immediate.
Without earing protection, you can be prematurely affected by deafness. It is necessary to protect your ears as often and longer as possible. Plic range offers you a protection adapted to all your needs.

The range is made of:
– Earplugs with selective filters
6 references of earplugs with selective filters, made of hypoallergenic thermoplastic rubber (no silicone, no latex). Washable and reusable, soft and flexible, they perfectly fit your ear thanks to its triple corolla. The specific filter avoids the sensation of loneliness and allows hearing alarms and calls.
Models for Sleep, Kids, Party, Swimming, Reading or DIY are available.

– Earplugs for extremely loud noises and pressures
1 reference made of washable thermoplastic rubber for pressure (plane)
1 reference made of washable polyurethane foam (memory foam) for a maximum protection (heavy works)

All our earplugs are delivered with a protection case made of anodized aluminum.
Easy to use, compact, light, you can take them anywhere you want in your pocket.

Available in pharmacies.

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