Dry eyes symptom: Hydrolarm, the natural hyper hydrating solution that quickly relieves your eyes, in its easy-to-use dosing bottle!

Innovative «eye drops»: your dry and tired eyes will appreciate the soft and efficient hydration as well as the precise dosage of Hydrolarm on the cornea.

Hyper efficient and moisturizing eye drops, Hydrolarm offers three advantages:

  • A natural solution like your own tears:

Hydrolarm solution contains hyaluronic acid (or Sodium hyaluronate), the most hydrating element to this day. This is the reason why Hydrolarm offers your eyes a deep and soft freshness sensation. Hyaluronic acid is part of your tears. Hydrolarm is a very natural artificial tears solution.

  • A precise dosing bottle:

Thanks to its patented dosing valve system, you can put the exact number of drops you want on your tired eyes. You will appreciate a generous 15ml bottle you can control to the drop!

  • No secondary effect:

Hydrolarm is the perfect solution to treat dry eyes symptom. It bears no secondary effect and it can be used as often as necessary.

  • Perfect for contact lens wearers:

Hydrolarm is perfect for contact lens wearers. You do not need to take the contact lenses off to soothe dry and sore eyes, mistreated by long working hours in front of a computer screen.

Do not hesitate to go through «Drops for your eyes: the Hydrolarm solution» for all tired and sore eyes.

“The eye is an open door to the heart”

English proverb (1882)

“Dry or sore eyes?
Do you want to buy Hydrolarm, drops for the eyes, at the nearest pharmacy?”

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