Nature et Senteurs “Eau de parfum”: safely and naturally perfumes.

Nature et Senteurs «Eau de parfum»: a great selection of fragrances from Provence available in pharmacies. Delicate or intense scents according to your desires, easy and convenient mini format to spray all day long.

The collection of Nature et Senteurs «Eaux de parfum» is available in different fragrances, intensities, ways of use and formats to satisfy your desires, to indulge yourself or others.

Nature et Senteurs offers fragrances that have been developed by professionals perfumers from the city of Grasse and ingredients full of tonicity like trace elements for your senses to travel in Provence.

Nature et Senteurs perfumed waters contain a minimum of 95% of natural ingredients for harmless pleasure.

They are made in Provence without paraben, phthalate, colorant nor phenoxyethanol.

Please go through «Eau de parfum and Eau fraîche: advice from Horizane” for lovers of scented notes sprayed anytime during the day. 

“Would you like to find Nature et Senteurs Eau de Parfum and Eau Fraîche in a pharmacy next to you?”

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