PLIC : quality, price, soft touch finish, color and beauty tips!

PLIC is a new range of beauty accessories that stands out and shows off! PLIC: products of premium quality and perfect finish. “In”, “fun” and colorful, PLIC beauty accessories are presented in convenient and unconventional packaging.

Who said beauty was just a detail?

Certainly not PLIC followers! The new beauty accessories range was launched by Horizane Santé in 2015. PLIC beauty already conquered the pharmacy channel and customers who enjoy beauty and design, convenient and nice essential beauty accessories.

PLIC, a complete range of top quality beauty accessories for the whole family: women, men and kids.

PLIC is not only a punchy, colorful and eye-catching range but also an energetic and original one. PLIC is fun and brings modernity to beauty accessories!

You’re right: PLIC puts beauty accessories and cutlery under a bright new light in pharmacies!

Beauty is only a promise to happiness

Chapter XVII from «Traité de l’Amour» - Henri Stendhal

“Would you like to buy PLIC beauty accessories in a pharmacy next to you?”

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