Natural body and hand skincare: natural shower soaps, body milks and hand lotions!

Nature et Senteurs is a collection of Provence scented natural soaps and skincare products to clean, protect, moisturize, repare and nourish every type of skin. Nature et Senteurs shower, body and hand skincare: natural and biodegradable formulas with wonderful Provence scents!

Are you looking for natural and healthy products to have a peaceful shower, to moisturize and protect your body and your hands, to repare and nourish your skin?

Don’t look for it anymore!

Natures et Senteurs, a brand from Horizane Santé Laboratory, has developed shower gels and natural skincare products to clean and daily take care of your body.

Out of the best beauty technologies, Nature et Senteurs shower gels, soaps, body milks and hand creams are natural and unique skincare.

Their formulas are based on 100% vegetable oil complexes that take great care of your skin: olive oil, aloe vera, shea butter and almond oil.

Healthy body skincare combining efficiency and pleasure, they also respect nature. Provence is in the air! You will always find what you need thanks to the great selection of products and sizes adapting everyone’s lifestyle.

Please go through “Natural shower and body skincare: advice from Horizane” for your skin to enjoy all the benefits of nature!

Either gel, solid, economic bottle or mini-format natural products: make up your choice!


Shower gels, soaps, creams: Nature et Senteurs skincare products are offered in many different forms, sizes and fragrances to answer all your desires and fit different lifestyles.

Our body skincare products are offered either in gel or solid form, in economic or mini formats, which is more convenient when travelling.

Because Nature et Senteurs also feels concerned by making your life and beauty routine easier!

Open your shower gel, unwrap your solid soap, crack open your cream and there it is: scents of Provence are right here with you!

Nature et Senteurs body and bath collection comes from an authentic know-how: all our products are exclusively made in Provence.

The collection offers a great choice of fragrances praising the vast fields of Provence.

Do you want a bit of Provence for yourself or do you feel like offering some to relatives?

Do you want to indulge yourself or others?

Natures et Senteurs natural products are available in giftboxes!

“Do you want to buy Natures et senteurs shower and body skincare products in a pharmacy next to you?”

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