Optical quality sunglasses at an affordable price, sold in pharmacies.
Meteorologists are forecasting a particularly hot summer. Protect the entire family from the dangers of the sun thanks to Horizane Santé sunglasses. Available models for everyone from babies, kids and teenagers to adults and elderly people.
Horizane designs optical quality sunglasses of high protection for the entire family, at attractive prices, sold in pharmacies.
Our sunglasses are « Individual protection devices » and are UE marked.
All the Horizane sunglasses are equipped with UV 400 lenses.
All our models are up-to-date and benefit from “high precision” optimum quality frames and “high level” details.

Our SOLAR ONE adult frames are equipped with last generation high protection polarized lenses of category 3. Our lenses go along the 4-in-1 protection technology:
• Anti-scratches layer
• Polarizing film
• Colored lens
• Anti-reflection layer

Our sunglasses for teenagers and kids
We have set up a collection for 0-12 year- old kids.

More than 36 references are available. They are made for maximum protection with unbreakable lenses of category 4. We offer a wide choice of soft and colorful frames adapted to the kid’s morphology. Solar protection at an affordable price and maximum protection: Horizane sunglasses can be purchased in pharmacies.

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