Nature et Senteurs “Eau de Cologne”: the natural perfume putting the focus on well-being and Provence scents.

Nature et Senteurs « Eau de Cologne »: Provence in a bottle!
Provence fragrances with maximum natural ingredients, without paraben, available in pharmacies.

Nature et Senteurs Eau de Cologne is available in pharmacies and para pharmacies. A collection of 12 fragrances from Provence: refreshing, stimulating and delicately perfuming.

All made with flower and plant extracts, Nature et Senteurs fragrances are created respecting traditions: those of the legendary Eau de Cologne from the city of Grasse.

Thanks to its natural and remarkable scents, the Eau de Cologne will take you right to the very heart of Provence. You will experience a journey and timeless fragrances offering great quality and harmless use.

Please do go through “Nature et Senteurs Eau de Cologne: Advice by Horizane” for those who love scented sensory journeys.

Nature et Senteurs Eau de Cologne: the multi-function perfume.

Nature et Senteurs Eau de Cologne answers different needs either as rituals of beauty for your body or as delicate home perfume.

• To refresh and perfume your skin: generously spray your body after the shower.

• To stimulate your skin: generously spray and gently rub your body.

• To perfume linens and clothes: spray on a tissue and leave it in between linens and clothes to leave a discreet scent.

• To perfume your home: spray on a special diffusing tile to get a delicate indoor scent.

Nature et Senteurs Eau de Cologne: characteristics of a natural yet timeless product.

• Composition: a minimum of 95% of natural ingredients, without paraben, phtalate, colorant nor phenoxyethanol.

• Production and origin: exclusively produced in Provence, in France (perfume from Grasse, the city of perfume in the world).

• Format: 100ml spray.

A special gift box is offered on request.

• Selling points: only in pharmacies.

“Find Nature et Senteurs Eau de Cologne in the pharmacy next to you”

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