Natural fresh water :

Spray yourself all summer without damaging your skin thanks to the natural Eaux fraîches with low alcohol percentage, from Nature et Senteurs.

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Protect your eyes from the sun:

Horizane sunglasses for the entire family: optic quality, unbreakable scratches resistant and anti-reflection lenses.

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Four-season reading glasses :

To read wherever you are!

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Designer and distributor of wellness and health products to pharmacies, Horizane Santé Laboratory is a multi-specialist parapharmaceutical laboratory offering innovating products to pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Are you looking for an innovative product at an attractive price answering consumer’s needs?

Well, Horizane Santé, laboratory distributing to pharmacies, has the solution.

Whether it is Horizane, Magic Eyes, Hydrolarm, Nature & Senteurs, Levana, Plic Beauty, Plic care, Plic Audio or Fruitamines: Horizane Santé’s brands will always answer your need!

Horizane Santé laboratory commits itself to answer customers’needs by offering innovating yet affordable products respecting the professional requirements of pharmacies.

“Horizane Santé, health through beauty !”

Optic range

Reading glasses, sun glasses, anti-Blue light glasses (protecting from the screens or for gamers): Horizane glasses take care of your eyes without forgetting about how you look!


Vitalens multi-function solutions for soft lenses (daily or monthly), hyper hydrating Hydrolarm drops for your eyes, Magic Eyes trendy colored soft lenses: health and beauty products that your eyes will love!

Natural perfumes and healthcare products

Nature & Senteurs Cologne, Perfumed waters, Baby perfumes : there is always a perfect match for you !
Natural Nature & Senteurs solid or liquid Marseille soaps, healthcare products for your body or for your hands: a complete range of fresh and original products bringing Provence to your home!

Beauty, Health

All you need to take care of your body, your hands, feet, face and so on: Plic Beauty, a full range of beauty accessories at an affordable price!

«I discovered Horizane sun glasses for kids at my pharmacist’s. My 8-year-old daughter loves them. She is protected and she can show off! The sun glasses are nice and colorful, they make parents feel safe as they offer a maximum protection of Category 4, filtering 100% of UV rays. As my little star was so much into her sun glasses, I decided to give it a go myself and I bought models from the adult collection!» Béatrice M.


«I am a brunette and I have always longed for Green eyes. I was going to a student party and I found Magic Eyes colored soft lenses at my pharmacist’s. I tried the Magic Eyes daily lenses for the party and it was awesome! Since then, I have adopted Magic Eyes monthly soft lenses and I am addicted to them! They are discreet and comfortable. What have changed for me? My eyes are irresistible and I am such a heart breaker now!» Myriam T.

Saint-Denis - La Réunion

«I have such a sensitive skin! I was looking for a soft and natural Cologne to remind me of my childhood memories of Provence. My pharmacist suggested I should try Nature & Senteurs “Valensole Lavender”. I have fallen in love with it! I spray it all day long: either in the morning after the shower, during the day as a sensory escape or even in the evening after a bath. I use my Cologne to fresh up, to tone up or just to subtly perfume my body. It is such a pleasure!» Marjorie F.


«I am a Plic addict! I like to take care of my body: I regularly wax myself, I pamper my nails, I give my feet special attention just to be spotless! With Plic beauty accessories, I have found professional advice at an affordable price. I love the soft touch, the details and the fun colors of the products! And I am not the only one actually! When my tweezer or my nail clipper disappear from the bathroom, I know my fiancé is taking care of himself too!» Chiarra L.


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