Magic Eyes: colored lenses without correction available in 5 colors for a day or for 3 months to enhance your eyes!


Blue, Green, Purple, Amber or Grey colored lenses: Magic Eyes contact lenses enhance the beauty of your eyes. Your eyes are magical, you are charming, seductive!

Magic Eyes colored lenses without correction for fun, seduction and self-esteem!

2 types of lenses: the UNO daily or monthly (for 3 months).

5 different colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Amber and Grey.

• Your eyes shine bright !

A perfect iris, delicate and well-limited outlines to get seductive and natural bright eyes. All Magic Eyes lenses, either Blue, Green, Purple, Amber or Grey, have a Black corolla, like your own iris. You can change the color of the eyes and keep it beautiful and natural.

• A soft material: it is easy to put them on!

Monthly Magic Eyes lenses are very easy to place on the cornea. Lenses are made of silicone hydrogel, an ultra-flexible polymer. The colored lenses perfectly fit the surface of the cornea.

  • UNO Magic EYES: are you looking for a change, be seductive for a day or for a night out?

UNO Magic Eyes are made for you!

Your Magic Eyes lenses come with an instruction manual explaining how to put them on.

  • Monthly Magic Eyes: are you looking for a change for a few days, a few weeks or even a few months?

Monthy Magic Eyes are made for you!

Monthly Magic eyes lenses come in a kit including your lenses, the solution to take care of them and a protective case.

And if you need additional solution for your colored lenses, we have just what you need: VITALENS multifunction solution.

“The eyes are the first love notes of loversregards”

Quote from Ninon de Lenclos ; Confessions (1700)

“Would you like to buy UNO Magic Eyes or Monthly Magic Eyes lenses in a pharmacy next to you?”

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