Horizane Sante’s goal: to innovate and answer customers’ needs through the pharmacies, our partners for more than 20 years.

Horizane Santé laboratory is a parapharmaceutical laboratory that designs, develops and distributes wellbeing and health products. Our company wishes to answer the market’s needs with innovating products at the best quality/price ratio for the final customer, counting on the professionalism of pharmacies.

Horizane Santé is a multi-function parapharmaceutical laboratory: we design and distribute an exclusive offer of parapharmaceutical products. Horizane, “health through beauty”!


Provence as a way of diversification :

2008: located in Aix-en-Provence, Horizane decides to continue the activity of a brand, NATURE & SENTEURS DE PROVENCE®, discovered on the edges of the Durance river. Horizane develops a great range of natural products respecting ancestral traditions. Today, the success of NATURE & SENTEURS DE PROVENCE® is representative of the success of the Provence region itself.


A constant development:

2011: the ever increasing activity offers encouraging perspectives of development. Both in France and abroad.


Partnerships with distributors in France and in the French overseas territories and departments allow Horizane to adapt itself to the specificities of each market.


2014: PLIC® Beauty, a range of beauty accessories, is created. This top quality range is modern, dynamic, innovating and educational.


Lending an hear to the market needs:

Horizane Santé constantly keeps an eye on its customers. It continuously innovates and invests into new projects thanks to its Research and Development department.


“A customer is and remains the priority of Horizane Santé”

The team of Horizane Santé laboratory

“Find Horizane santé products in a pharmacy close to you”

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