Horizane reading glasses in pharmacies: trendy, ultra-light and optimum quality.

Horizane reading glasses, so many benefits: optimum quality, attractive prices, trendy and available in pharmacies!

Horizane reading glasses are available in pharmacies. You can rely on the advice of a health specialist. You can also make your own choice and go for the glasses that suit you better out of 6 magnification strengths (from 1.00 to 3.50).

Beyond their efficiency, Horizane reading glasses will give you a trendy look at an attractive price yet CE certified.

Do go through our file « Reading glasses: Horizane advice » on presbyopia.

Far beyond presbyopia, Horizane reading glasses unleash your style!

Used anytime during the day, Horizane reading glasses are real fashion accessories, adapting themselves to the trend thus unleashing your style!

In order to be able to follow the trends, Horizane renews its collection every year for every presbyopes, man or woman, to find the reading glasses that match his/her style and personality better.

Different shapes (old style round frames, square or XXL frames, etc.), colorful frames, mix of materials, inlay of metal parts, laser finish: there will always be a pair of Horizane reading glasses that will match your style!

Certified reading glasses: the result of Horizane request of quality.

Horizane reading glasses are available in pharmacies. A pharmacist can only sell products listed in the article L-5211 of the Public Health Code.

“Individual use medical devices” are included in this list.

When making up for presbyopia, a pair of reading glasses is considered as a Class 1 medical device.

Medical certified device, Horizane reading glasses deserve their CE certification as they respect a strict specification.

Controls are made on :

  • Real prescription and the correct asymmetry of the lenses,
  • Quality of the material coatings,
  • The fixing of the lenses in the frame and their setting up.

Life is showing us messages every day. If you don’t see them, don’t forget to wear reading glasses.

Inspired by a quote from Pascal Dercourt (1965)

“Find Horizane reading glasses in the nearest pharmacy”

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