Vitalens: the multi-function and multi-format solution for your soft contact lenses!

The “contact lens care solution”: discover how Vitalens gently takes care of your soft contact lenses.

Affordable and qualitative contact lens care solution, Vitalens is the only multi-purpose contact lens care solution that combines two major innovations for your comfort, safety and security at a competitive and affordable price.

Advantage N°1: perfectly clean and disinfect your soft contact lenses in a gentle yet efficient way. It leaves a unique sensation of freshness when you put them on.

Advantage N°2: available in different sizes that match your needs, either you use it at home or while you are away, whenever you want: at work, at the gym, when partying or on a trip.

Whether you choose the travel pack, the handy mini-format for when you are out or the bigger format for your home, make up your choice! You will always find what you need!

Thanks to these two advantages, Vitalens is a multi-purpose contact lens care solution highly appreciated both in France and in Europe by all soft contact lens wearers who are energetic, demanding and willing to get visual comfort easily.

Please consult “Solution for soft contact lens care”: advice from Vitalens” for all soft contact lenses wearers”.

Vitalens, multi-purpose contact lens care solution: why should you choose Vitalens?

An all-in-one contact lens care solution: as a multi-purpose solution, Vitalens cleans and disinfects your contact lenses in only one operation thanks to 8 powerful molecules.

• Really gentle: the hyaluronic acid makes your contact lenses well hydrated for a comfort contact lenses wearers do appreciate.

• Really convenient: 6 different sizes matching every need in one day, either sedentary or on the go: at work, at the gym, while travelling, during a party, etc.

• A really good quality/price ratio: performant, safe, healthy, soft and easy to use at a reasonable price.

• Only available in pharmacies: a qualitative environment where you can get serious advice and information for your health on a contact lens care solution formulated and controlled in a bacteria free environment.

Vitalens, multi-purpose solution: a contact lens care solution at a very affordable price.

Horizane Laboratory is offering Vitalens multi-purpose solution at a very affordable and competitive price for a daily use as we feel concerned by bringing the best of the Research to contact lenses wearers.

Whatever the size you pick among the 6 available, purchase conditions remain attractive for a daily use contact lens care solution used by contact lenses wearers on a long term.

Your eyes speak no matter where you are.

George Herbert (1593 - 1633)

“Do you want to try our Vitalens multi-purpose solution for free?”

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