Horizane Santé : innovating and matching our customers needs in « health and well-being » drive our developments.

Horizane Santé laboratory is a parapharmaceutical laboratory created by Dr Thierry Geets at the end of the 90s. Now located in the South of France, Horizane Santé designs, develops and distributes “health and well-being” products. Our company answers the market’s needs with innovative products, at a right quality/price ratio for pharmacie’s customers. Acting as experts, more than 40 people work together with pharmacists to give them the best advice.

Horizane Santé key figures show the evolution of our company and how well it fits the market’s and consumer’s needs. Horizane Santé has been at the service of health professionals for more than 20 years through pharmacies and parapharmacies. Its ever increasing evolution is the result of constant professional high standards orientated towards innovation and service.

“A customer is and remains the priority of Horizane Santé”

The team of Horizane Santé laboratory

“Contact Horizane Santé’s commercial department”

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