Anti-Blue light glasses of optical quality at an affordable price, available in pharmacies.

Protect your eyes and get equipped with anti-Blue light glasses!

New LED technologies coming from our screens totally upset the physiology of the human eye. Recent researches show that we spend more than 43% of our time in front of screens and that no generation is left aside. Young people are even more affected by Blue light. Negative effects can be seen through difficulties to fall asleep, headaches, cataract and growing development of ARMD.

It is time for you to get proper protection to read on your smartphone, on your Ipad, to work on your computer, to play video games, to watch television,…

Horizane Santé has developed a new generation of anti-Blue light ready-to-wear glasses thanks to its BBS (Blue Ray Blocker) filter technology. These optical quality anti-Blue light glasses are available in diopter 0 for young people who do not need any compensation but also in diopters 1.0 to 3.5 for those who do need to compensate presbyopia.

These new anti-Blue light glasses of optical quality are available in pharmacies at a very affordable price.

Available in 12 different models according to diopters.

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